White Label Payment Gateway

white label payment gateway

White Label Payment Gateway Solution

White label payment gateway solutions for Payment Service Providers, Acquirers & Merchants to use under your own brand. Our independent platform enables businesses to operate immediately using your own brand, logo, and identity and clearly differentiate themselves from the competition. At White Label Payment Gateway, we offer ample partnership opportunities from co-branding to a full white label payment gateway. We can help you with a start-to-finish answer for building up your portable wallet business and making it climb the steps of achievement. White-Label Payment Gateway has one of the most progressed eco-frameworks in the business that is continually being overhauled for higher security and usefulness.

With the help of white label payment gateway solutions, companies can improve their image and reputation in the eyes of their clients. It not only includes clients but card members and merchants as well. As per white label payment gateway, companies can put their brand name on the product or service which has been developed by a third-party. Hence, It gives abundant opportunities to reseller to offer the product or service without spending the necessary resources on developing it from scratch.


Boarding Manager

White Label Platform has a portal where Business owners or Merchants apply the application and Upload their business documents for Onboarding process. All merchant data can be secured for sending the application package to the banker. The boarding manager ensures a smooth on-boarding process allowing you to apply within minutes.


User Management

The internal team from Underwriting can access the New applications via Boarding Manager for review purpose.

Email Notifications

Applicants and Affiliates will be receiving an Email Notification upon response to the Queries.

Simple Dashboard

Anybody can access the portal without any technical knowledge to respond to queries and upload documents.

Application Management

Admin or User from Underwriting team can respond, comment, request to the business owners.

Modules In Our Payment Gateway System

Today, White Label Payment Gateway is a developer, supplier and a system integrator – all in one to help merchants receive payments in e-commerce. All our solutions are perfect for both payment service providers and for online businesses that sell their goods and services to customers.

Brand Own Gateway

They get to use their own company logo, customize the look and feel to match their brand, and service their customers in a way they see fit.

Control over all Merchants

White Label Payment Gateway, leading Acquirers, Payment Service. Our solution allows you to accept popular digital wallets in every market

Cost Effective

Relatively Affordable payment solutions When compared to other payment solutions.Using a white label payment gateway service is quick and cost-effective.

Faster Revenue

Using a white label payment gateway is ultimately quicker and more cost effective. Whit label solution will increase both your clients and your sales revenue

Multiple Language & Payment Methods

Our white-label payment gateway supports multiple payment methods & languages to provide your customers best experience.

Smart Analytics Dashboard

the white label offers a smart dashboard to help you improve your performance by keeping you up-to-date with the latest transactions and refunds.

Customized Payment Gateway

The White Label Payment Gateway Platform provides powerful transaction processing APIs and various other modes of integration. The tutorial provides all necessary information for a seamless integration. The White Label Payment Gateway Documentation website describes how to integrate with our REST APIs and how to use all the services available on our platform. It provides various methods of implementing online payments in e-stores via our comprehensive services and is geared primarily towards developers who want to implement the White Label Payment system.

Features Of White Label

Fast and Easy Onboarding: It is very easy to add merchants in our payment gateway.

100% API Driven: To ensure the highest level of technical efficiency, our White Label Payment Gateways are 100% API driven.

Developer Friendly Integration: Ready to use integrations which doesn’t require a lot of rework on the developer’s side.

100+ Payment Options: The Payment Gateway has more than 100 options for payment, the end-user can choose any of these payment methods for payment.

Dynamic Switching Engine: Switch powerfully and dynamically between multiple platforms in a short period of time.

Online automatic invoicing: Create and send invoices over emails online with our Payment Gateway.

White-Label Payment Gateway Solutions vs. Traditional Payment Solutions

The main difference between white-label payment gateway solution and a traditional payment gateway is that in the latter. Therefore, the company uses the services of a third-party gateway under the name of the gateway.

While the traditional payment gateways contracts with merchant acquirers or independent sales organisation (ISO) for reselling their payment gateway’s brand. Therefore, the white-label payment gateways facilitate the merchant acquirer or IS0 to sell the payment gateway services on their own. It means, they can use their company’s logo and sell the payment gateway as their own.

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Undeniably, the white-label payment gateways can offer some useful features. So, If you are ready to stay away from the established and antiquated system of reselling. So, you can opt for white-label payment gateway solutions. Not only it will help you gain control over your customer experience. But it will also give you a chance to promote your brand

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