Telemarketing Merchant Account

Telemarketing Merchant Account

Overview Of Telemarketing Merchant Account

Finding a Telemarketing Merchant Account at an affordable rate is no easy feat. It’s also a bad idea to not find one. Accepting only checks in the mail or cash on delivery leaves a lot of chance for nonpayment, wastes resources and leads to slow funding. So, accepting credit cards is a necessity for cash flow purposes and customer reach. It also tends to lend credibility to your business.

The good news is that you’ve landed in the right place. We’ll explain why telemarketing businesses has deemed high risk by merchant service providers, how to mitigate your risk of running into trouble with customer payment disputes, and how you can get the lowest credit card processing rates possible.

Telemarketing Merchant Account Specialists

The well-trained, experienced, financial services professionals at eSecurepay are merchant account specialists. They have years of experience setting up merchant accounts for businesses in a wide array of industries. Hence, they have the knowledge and expertise to help applicants overcome any types of obstacles to opening a merchant account. Even if the telemarketing company has had their payment processing account turned down by other companies, the staff at eSsecurepay can make it possible for them to get the merchant account they need to process their orders.

Is It Easy to Get a Telemarketing Merchant Account?

Although there are lots of reasons why you need to get a telemarketing merchant account, and despite the fact that telemarketing is a multibillion-dollar industry. Many US financial institutions are very strict about opening those accounts. Such type of business model is consider to be high-risk, and it is not the only factor taken to attention. A bank’s employees will also check your credit history, you experience in the field, the presence of a functioning website, your assets, and more. Basically, if there are not enough assets for covering possible debts, your application may be reject even despite your perfect reputation and high profit.

Although it is unpleasant, it is not something that you should get upset about because eSecurepay knows how to help the situation out so that you could start getting paid by your customers using different payment solutions as quickly as possible.

Our Benefits

  • Fast Secure Online Application, provides secure online submission.
  • Multiple Platforms, including CRM & Ecommerce Solutions.
  • Dedicated account managers with decades of experience to share.
  • Diverse Acquirer’s with risk appetite & tolerance for the auto warranty industry.
  • Fast decision turn-arounds on application packages.

Documents Needed for Telemarketing Merchant Account

  • Personal KYC: Director’s Passport /Driving Licence/National ID/Voter/TAX ID
  • Personal Address Proof: Director’s Bank Statement/Power Bill/Telephone Bill/Water Bill/Insurance if have any/Internet Bill
  • COMPANY: Incorporation /MOA/AOA/PAN/TAX Registration/GST/Any licences
  • Company Address Proof: Bank Statement  /Cancel Check /Sample Invoice/Rental Agreement/Power Bill/Water Bill/Internet Bill
  • Business Website: Website URL Needed
  • Domain Ownership Copy: Domain Purchase receipt or Dashboard screenshot
  • Processing Statement: If you have any current processing statement for 3-6 Months. – Optional
  • Business Plan: Project information such as Targets, Growth, Team, Advertisement, Vision, Mission
  • Application Form: Contact Us for Application Form
  • Director’s Documents: Resume

Our Commitment

With our team’s unique experience in the payment space, we bring the vital expertise to get your account approve quickly and painlessly. Also our staff has committed to providing unsurpassed customer service and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. So, give us a call today to discuss all of your credit card processing needs.

Why eSecurePay?

eSecurepay understands the unique needs of the different auto warranty related businesses and has established 24+ acquiring banking relationships to become experts in getting auto warranty merchant accounts set up quickly and on to accepting online payments.

Apply Today for Your Telemarketing Merchant Account

Having a card processing solution that keeps your top interests in mind lets you get back to concentrating on what’s most important and that’s your business. eSecurepay makes it simple to set up a merchant account and our pricing plans are designed to insure you are paying the lowest possible rates with the top PCI security standards. Our expert provides simple guided integrating into your pre-existing online system. We are compatible with nearly every website shopping cart so your customers can continue to conveniently place orders. All transactions has run safe and securely so you will have a lower risk of fraudulent occurrences that end up costing you more. Contact us today and speak to a Telemarketing merchant account specialist for more information. eSecurepay makes choosing and merchant processing company more simplified!

Let’s Get You Paid Faster. Try With EsecurePay.

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