Subscription Merchant Account

subscription merchant account

Overview Of Subscription Merchant Account

A Subscription Merchant Account gives you the ability to take payments on a recurring basis easily and quickly. All membership and subscription merchant account processing includes an extensive choice of adjustable recurring payment plans permitting you to address the issues of your business and your clients.

Recurring billing is commonly used by entertainment sites, information newsletters, internet services, online dating, software products (SaaS), games, music, video, digital media, social networks, and any service which is consumed on a regular basis.

It has a business account used to accept payments for merchants that sell subscription products or services via direct mail. Such merchants may offer a series of items (such as one book a month for one year) or the yearly renewal of a solitary item. The cardholder’s Mastercard card account is charged for the service on a proceeding or intermittent premise (such as once per month or two times per year), and the service proceeds until the membership or series closes or the cardholder or shipper ends the understanding. This MCC incorporates post office based mail book clubs, magazine and paper subscriptions, sound clubs selling records, tapes, and compact disc (CD), video tape and DVD clubs, collectible series subscriptions (for instance, series of stamps, currencies, books, plates, china figures, or plates), magazine subscriptions, and Mastercard enlistment service organizations.

What Is A Subscription Merchant Account

A subscription merchant account provides businesses using a subscription-based sales model the ability to take payments from customers. Also, Payment methods could include debit card, credit card, value added card, and high risk ach processing. Therefore, merchants can expect to pay a slightly higher rate as this sector is of a higher risk of chargebacks. So, previous processing history may be a mitigating factor and get you better rates. A recurring payment module could be helpful in executing automated monthly billing.

Subscription Merchant Services

eSecurepay gives Subscription business owners a payment solution with the ability to accept multiple types of payment. For retail this includes credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and NFC contactless payments with a terminal or point of sale. For online sales collect payment from customers using a shopping cart, virtual terminal or a custom platform.

  • Industry leading pricing – 0% Flat Rate credit card processing or Merchant Plus
  • Tools to manage business better
  • Detailed reporting and sales data
  • Dedicated support team

Documents Needed for Subscription Merchant Account

  • Personal KYC: Director’s Passport /Driving Licence/National ID/Voter/TAX ID
  • Personal Address Proof: Director’s Bank Statement/Power Bill/Telephone Bill/Water Bill/Insurance if have any/Internet Bill
  • COMPANY: Incorporation /MOA/AOA/PAN/TAX Registration/GST/Any licences
  • Company Address Proof: Bank Statement  /Cancel Check /Sample Invoice/Rental Agreement/Power Bill/Water Bill/Internet Bill
  • Business Website: Website URL Needed
  • Domain Ownership Copy: Domain Purchase receipt or Dashboard screenshot
  • Processing Statement: If you have any current processing statement for 3-6 Months. – Optional
  • Business Plan: Project information such as Targets, Growth, Team, Advertisement, Vision, Mission
  • Application Form: Contact Us for Application Form
  • Director’s Documents: Resume

Why Should You Choose eSecurepay Processing?

We understand the unique needs of the different Subscription related business types and have established numerous acquiring banking relationships to become your best resource in getting Subscription merchant accounts set up and accepting online payments. Our expertise is your ticket to getting the stable processing you need to further your business.

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