Magazine Merchant Account

magazine merchant account

What Is A Magazine Merchant Account?

A Magazine Merchant Account provides businesses selling magazine subscriptions, the ability to take payments from customers. Payment methods could include debit card, credit card, value added card, and ach processing. Hence, Merchants can expect to pay a slightly higher rate as this sector is of a higher risk of chargebacks. Previous processing history may be a mitigating factor and get you better rates.

Print and digital subscriptions are a unique niche in merchant services and require payment solutions that help manage customer payment disputes that commonly arise from them. Since 2010, eSecurepay has been facilitating just that and fine-tuning a solution that brings fair credit card processing rates to the industry. We regularly underwrite merchant accounts for magazines, catalogs, newspapers, periodicals and other publications—with sales models ranging from ecommerce, telemarketing, door to door and storefront to multi-channel. Whether you run a small pop-up newsstand or a large online magazine, with a Magazine Merchant Account, you can leverage payment solution features and capabilities to keep your business viable and growing in the competitive space.

Best Magazine Merchant Services Options

If you run or are starting a magazine subscription renewal or sales business, you need reliable check, debit and credit card processing at affordable rates. Because magazine subscription companies have historically higher chargeback rates, most large banks and their processors do not offer credit card processing for magazine sales and subscription businesses. This has caused many magazine sales companies to initially turn to options like PayPal, only to find that their funds are frozen and withheld, and ultimately they are either dropped or get so frustrated that they look for other options.

Apply for a Magazine Merchant Account

If your business offers magazine subscriptions either directly or as a third party seller. The eSecurepay can offer you a reliable payment processing option even if you’ve been rejected previously by banks or payment processors. So, we approve 98% of the applications we receive and the approval process is fast and painless.

To apply for magazine subscription payment processing services with eSecurepay. And take advantage of all the features mentioned above, please complete our secure online application. Upon approval, we can have you set up with our payment gateway and all other account features within 48 hours.

Our Benefits

  • Fast Online Application Process, offers fast approvals.
  • Multiple Payment Options, including Ecommerce and Mobile POS.
  • Your Own Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Diversified Bank Acquirers with appetite for magazine subscriptions.
  • Rapid decisions processes for approvals.

Documents Needed for Magazine Merchant Account

  • Personal KYC: Director’s Passport /Driving Licence/National ID/Voter/TAX ID
  • Personal Address Proof: Director’s Bank Statement/Power Bill/Telephone Bill/Water Bill/Insurance if have any/Internet Bill
  • COMPANY: Incorporation /MOA/AOA/PAN/TAX Registration/GST/Any licences
  • Company Address Proof: Bank Statement  /Cancel Check /Sample Invoice/Rental Agreement/Power Bill/Water Bill/Internet Bill
  • Business Website: Website URL Needed
  • Domain Ownership Copy: Domain Purchase receipt or Dashboard screenshot
  • Processing Statement: If you have any current processing statement for 3-6 Months. – Optional
  • Business Plan: Project information such as Targets, Growth, Team, Advertisement, Vision, Mission
  • Application Form: Contact Us for Application Form
  • Director’s Documents: Resume

Apply Today for Your Magazine Merchant Account

Having a card processing solution that keeps your top interests in mind lets you get back to concentrating on what’s most important and that’s your business. eSecurepay makes it simple to set up a merchant account and our pricing plans are designed to insure you are paying the lowest possible rates with the top PCI security standards. Also our expert provides simple guided integrating into your pre-existing online system. We are compatible with nearly every website shopping cart so your customers can continue to conveniently place orders. All transactions has run safe and securely so you will have a lower risk of fraudulent occurrences that end up costing you more. Contact us today and speak to a Magazine merchant account specialist for more information. So, eSecurepay makes choosing and merchant processing company more simplified!

Let’s Get You Paid Faster. Try With EsecurePay.

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