International Merchant Account Provider

Esecurepay is an International Merchant Account Provider. Merchant Account is a type of bank account used to receive the proceeds of credit card transactions. The merchant’s bank is responsible for taking payment from the consumer. And depositing it into the merchant account. A merchant account is an absolutely necessity when processing credit card transactions online.

Why You Should Apply for an eSecurePay International Merchant Account?

Our credit card processing solutions include a PCI compliant payment gateway. We do not have volume caps, multi-currency processing and most importantly, live support. We can help you get start today.

International Merchant Account ProviderCompanies called VISA and MASTER CARD have built a business solution to take payments. Esecurepay is the leading International Merchant Account Provider. Increasingly, corporations and government agencies are relying on this form of payment to compensate their service providers and suppliers. Businesses benefit by receiving their funds quickly and by winning competitive bids and government contracts where purchasing cards have the required form of payment. The downside, International Merchant Account Provider has the increased costs associated with receiving these payments. These costs will usually be much higher than accepting a standard consumer credit card.

International Merchant Account Provider

The solution is that some businesses may qualify for ways to process these transactions that allow them to pay lower fees if they can supply additional information, called “level 2 or level 3 data”. For example, if government transactions are over $5,000, businesses can significantly reduce their transaction costs by including. The “level 2 or level 3 data” about the purchase along with each transaction. Examples of Esecurepay’s International Merchant Account Provider level 2 or level 3. The data have a purchase order number associated with the transaction that the credit card will be paying. This data is passed on to the purchaser so that it may be many times easier to reconcile the transaction. If all the required data is not collected and passed on during the transaction, the merchant can have surcharges added to the basic fees, or be forced into a non-qualified transaction category.

Types of Merchant Accounts

Whether it is your industry type, monthly processing volume or geographical location that makes your business high risk. The eSecurePay International Merchant Account Provider can provide you with an affordable high-risk merchant account.
All Merchants like Bad credit and high-risk merchants. No matter what you sell or how you sell it, you can accept credit cards online from your website. We have been in the business for the last 5 years. And we have approved the various verticals across the High-Risk Business. We have received many It Support Companies applications from India and most of them were approved with our International acquiring solution. You could be up and running to accept credit cards. The eCheck payments on your website within a week if you start your application processing with us today!

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Low risk merchant accounts through eSecurePay typically mean a fast approval and competitive rates following our easy application process. Sign up for our credit card processing services and watch your e-commerce sales and profits grow.

There are many benefits of offshore merchant accounts including:

More Liberal: Offshore banks are more liberal, and tend to take on high risk industries so long as merchants have sound financial history.
Possible Tax Breaks: Offshore banks tend to have lesser tax implications than domestic or international banks.
No Volume Restrictions: Offshore banks has also known for generous or no volume caps whereas domestic and international banks may feel the higher the volume, the higher the chargeback risk.
Multi-Currency Options: The offshore merchant account holder has a choice of processing in currencies such as the Euro, GBP, Australian Dollar. Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, Hong Kong Dollar and many more.
Offshore Company Registrations: Need to register your e-commerce business in another country? An Esecurepay merchant account expert will guide you through the process of obtaining your merchant service account and registering your company in another country. View our offshore company registration page.

For qualifying merchants, the eSecurePay can arrange for a free virtual terminal so businesses can process credit card transactions over the phone or via mail order.

MOTO tools include the ability to:

Process payments instantly anywhere in the world, from any computer that’s connect to the Internet

Provide payment options to customers who can’t (or prefer not) to pay online

Accept purchases via mail order, fax, and phone (including your call center)

Take orders and accept payments in person while at fairs, meetings, conventions, etc. using a wireless device

Custom reporting tools and real-time statistics available online

Virtual terminal

A virtual terminal has basically an online system of a physical credit card terminal known as Point-of-Sale (POS).
It is a software-based application that is hosted online in a secure server, usually on the server of the service provider, and can be accessed from any internet-connected web browser. Such terminals allow call center agents to enter a customer’s credit card details to take a payment.

Our Virtual Terminal is perfect for businesses that manually process credit and debit card payments received by telephone, fax and mail order. Process secure payments on any device connected to the Internet without the need for a website or costly integration. Whether you are a sole trader or freelancer, all you need to get start is a Mail Order / Telephone Order (MOTO) Internet Merchant Account.

Regardless of how your customers send their orders by phone or by website, you can accept online Virtual Checks through a secure web portal or integrate the system into a shopping cart with our API. Our Integration is much easy can be done in a few hours

For businesses with high-volume processing, Our solution of eCheck processing lets you bundle all of your transactions into a single batch file for secure transmission. The batch can be send once in a day.

Our Electronic check processing solution will provide you more control than other services, such as ACH. As our merchant, you make the decision as to whether to refund payments. With the money staying in your account until the matter has resolved with the customer. With the ACH solution, the payment has automatically frozen or refunded to your customer. Our electronic check processing provides you the opportunity to address these types of all the issues with your customers proactively as they arise. Improving customer service could be a great co-operation.