High Risk Echeck Processing

high risk echeck processing

High-Risk Echeck Processing Services

An electronic check (also known as an Echeck) is a digital replacement for conventional paper checks. Most of the time it has used for online transactions to pay for a service or product related to eCommerce. With fewer regulations than the card associations, Echecks can be used for a wider variety of products and services. We provide fast High-Risk Echeck Processing.

To use an Echeck, merchants complete an online form with customer bank account information from the paper check. Once the account and routing details have been sent to an Echeck processor, the funds will typically be released to the merchant within 24 – 72 hours. Most check processors offer echeck verification tools to help ensure a successful transaction including account and real-time check verification services. These tools will help lower the chance of a bad check being accepted and deposited by the merchant.

Merchants can easily store the customer’s payment information for future billings. Unlike a credit card, customers attempting to dispute an Echeck transaction will be required to provide more information file a claim. This ultimately means fewer chargebacks and lower overall operating costs for merchants.

Advantages of High Risk Echeck Processing

Echeck processing is relatively simple. Accepting checks provides more options while minimizing the risk and cost of accepting payments. Other functions, such as remote deposit services, provide improved check payment functionality for billing management. This has become one of the factors making checks faster once purchase once billing information has stored electronically.

As consumers prefer a wide range of payment options, businesses have also reported a boost in sales once they have begun accepting Echecks. What’s more, consumers also view checks as more trustworthy since they pose fewer risks and with less possibility for fraud. The improved security and verification programs have contributed to help reduce the instances and severity of fraud.

Check payments have other advantages such that transactions does not require a receipt or signature authorization. Payout times have also improved allowing merchants to be fund in less than a day.  Accepting checks has also become much more affordable with many of the same features as other payment methods.

The next generation of Echecks to emerge is the Check21 program. Instead of using the federal government’s bank clearing network, Check21 is entirely digital and funds has cleared nearly instantaneously

Start accepting Echeck payments

• Sign up now and start accepting Echeck payments in less than 3 days from nearly any checking account. Virtually every industry has accepted!
• Are you tire of chargebacks from buyer’s remorse? Echeck processing is harder for customers to dispute after their account has been debited.
• Recurring billing and large ticket merchants will always find a benefit in using Echeck processing over card processing.
• Our customized payment solutions allow merchants to accept credit cards, debit cards, and Echeck payments by just applying with one application. Echeck processing is usually approved before credit card processing is.
In addition to High-Risk Echeck Processing, Echeck ACH Payments also processes payments for low-risk merchants. Complete the Get Start Today and an account representative will contact you back within 24 hours.

ECheck Pays you Faster Next Day Deposits!

With Echeck ACH High Risk Echeck Processing Program. The funds of each authorized check has electronically processed and automatically deposited into your account as quickly as possible. No more waiting for clearance from the bank, no more tied up funds and no more deposit slips to fill out – even your bank charges has reduced! Funds has automatically placed into your account and you’re free to run your business.

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