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What is a Payment Gateway


Ecommerce payment gateway providers are your doorway to making sales online. A payment gateway will allow you to charge your customer’s credit/debit card with the purchase he/she makes online. Just like a physical point of sales terminal at your brick and mortar retail store, the Payment Gateway authorizes you to take card payments directly from your website.

The payment gateway acts as a mediator between the transactions that take place on your website and the payment processor. Hence, Due to security reasons, to transmit transaction information directly from your website to a payment processor. Most online merchant accounts come with a payment gateway included, like PayPal.

There may have some difficulties while paying money when a buyer chooses an item from an online e-commerce website. It’s up to customers that they have to pick one option like, E-payment or Cash on Delivery. The e-payment is the worth option to make successful shopping from an e-commerce website.

How does a payment gateway work

There are four simple steps in the payment gateway process:

ecommerce payment

1. Collection

Your customer chooses the product or service they want to purchase and then enters their credit card details onto your payment page. This information is then directed to your payment gateway.

2. Authentication

Your payment gateway then takes this information and sending it via a shielded link to your bank account.

3. Authorization

At this point, you will know that the sale has been approved and you can deliver the ordered products or services.

4. Settlement

At last, the transaction data is verified by your bank and the money from the sale is deposited into your account. When the actual payment will arrive in your account will depend on your payment gateway – it can be as little as real-time or as long as 21 working days.

Money goes straight to your account:

So, No middleman, no hassles you sell online, you get paid. Couple that with our quick e-commerce set up, and you can start collecting money real fast.

Guarantee secure transactions to customers

We also protect your customers and yourself with top-tier gateways’ powerful security infrastructures and our own security system.

Give customers more payment options

We also Enable eSecurePay Express Checkout with your gateway and let customers pay through your store or their eSecurePay account. If you prefer to bill your customers later, simply enable our deferred payments option.


So, Payment gateways comfort shoppers at the end of shopping.  One must satisfy even you have passed through trouble that occurred while dealing with an e-commercial purchase. The top payment gateways described here to chose the best suite for your e-commerce website.

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