Echeck Payment Gateway

Echeck Payment Gateway

An Overview of Echeck Payment Gateway

eSecurePay.Net is here to look after your every payment gateway-related need. We, being one of the most trusted Echeck Payment Gateway providers, are offering you a wide range of payment options. Echeck is one of the most popular payment option for all industries and our company is here to provide you this payment solution. There are uncountable number of reasons why Echeck Payment is perfect for every business type. It allows the merchants to add an extra payment option in their various payments platform.

An Echeck can also be used by high-risk businesses. Also, the gateway solution is not delivered by every Echeck gateway services provider. We at provide high-risk merchant account for the business like yours. If you want to do your business in the top list under your business niche, then hire us for best Echeck gateway service and experience our service to the utmost.

What is Echeck gateway?

Echeck gateway is basically the electronic payment. In this system buyer makes the payment online through Echeck and sender receives payment within 3-5 business days. There has Automated Clearing house that processes the Echeck transactions online. It is the electronic delivery system in which buyer process the payment. The buyer’s bank account information has used to deduct the payment from the checking or saving the account. It is one of the famous modes of payments than credit cards and debit cards.

Echeck Payment Gateway is helpful or Not?

Yes, of course they are. The merchants can receive on time payments securely via Echeck Payment Gateway from their customers. The cost of per transaction has very low compared to other payment options.

Why EcheckACH For Echeck Payment Gateway?

  • Instant approval
  • No set up fees
  • Without cancellation fees
  • Approve within a week
  • Fast Setup once Approved
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No hidden Policies
  • Quick Integrations

Benefits of Echeck Payment Gateway

  • Very less Chargeback & Dispute Ratio (Max we allow 10%)
  • Genuine Gateway
  • VT/Web Based API both allotted
  • Quick process to go live for transactions
  • Payout for domestic 3-4 days
  • Weekly payout for offshore accounts
  • Avoid fraud sales through the use of in-house risk management tools
  • Dedicated Account with Own Descriptor/ Memo Line for merchants
  • Personalized support by Dedicated account manager

At EcheckACH we guarantee our services and ensure these following benefits:

  • Fully secured payment gateway
  • 100% genuine gateway
  • Easy navigation to register
  • API enables services

Our Echeck service enables you to manage invoice process of collecting, submitting and tracking of different accounts of customer. Customer always gets fed up with billing and other related procedure. Echeck payment thus create a seamless process which save time, give security, increases reliability and thus helps in quick payment method system between you and your customers. it thus lower your processing cost and increase revenue.

If you don’t want to lose the business sale just because of Echeck payment solution, immediately Apply Now for Echeck payment gateway by filling the application form with required business details.

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