Best International Merchant Account Providers UAE-United Arab Emirates-DUBAI

Best International Merchant Account Providers UAE-United Arab Emirates-DUBAI

Esecurepay offers Best International Merchant Account Providers UAE-United Arab Emirates-DUBAI. Merchant Account are one of the most important features of any online ecommerce store. The main motivation behind the success of any online business is, how well customers are converting. Now for customers to actually buy anything from your site, first they need to have trust in your store. Payment gateways can help you to develop that trust. According to Woo-commerce having a properly set-up payment gateway system not only creates trustworthiness but also significantly drops the abandoned cart rate.

Merchant Account Integration

As one of the top Merchant Account global, Esecurepay helps you integrate your business’s software. Websites, shopping carts, and additional applications to the high-risk merchant account. Payment gateway of the acquiring bank which we choose for your business. Integration is easy and your newly acquiring banking partner can support in linking your website to their payment gateway. Allowing you to accept credit card payments online

How can I get Merchant Account?

It’s so easy to get an International Merchant Account in the UAE-United Arab Emirates-DUBAI  you can simply apply here for gateway Similarly, you can also apply online

How Does It Work?

Not all the Merchant Account work in the same manner but more and less following steps are involved.

  • A customer visits the site and places an order at the checkout, he may need to enter his credit card details.
  • The website then securely sends the purchase details to the payment gateways.
  • The payment gateway then sends the details to the seller’s bank, where his account is.
  • Merchant’s bank then contacts the buyer’s bank and exchange the purchase details.
  • Payment gateway then returns the information to the website which then let the customer know if the purchase was successful.

Best International Merchant Account Providers UAE- United Arab Emirates-DUBAI

According to Forbes just in UAE the online sales crossed whooping $2B mark, this goes on to show the potential of an online business in UAE.

To get your piece of pie it is important for you to spend some time on deciding which payment gateways you should offer on your store. There are so many options for payment gateways that it becomes difficult to choose. One as you have to see your own convenience as well as customers. We have listed below some of the best payment gateways with their pros and cons, this will help you to decide. What you need and what you don’t.

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  • What payment method will you suggest for merchants in UAE/DUBAI ?

    rajesh March 11, 2019 10:00 am Reply
    • Hello Rajesh

      Thank you for visiting our esecurepay Payment Gateway Services website. We include the merchant account and payment gateway together as a bundled solution because it’s everything you need to process payments some merchants use specific software that requires a certain type of special integration. That’s why we also support many popular payment gateway options such as esecurepay. If you already have an existing or preferred gateway integration it shouldn’t pose a problem.
      Furthermore information please contact our team.

      pramodsavvy March 11, 2019 10:04 am Reply
  • How do I setup a small Business Merchant Account?

    Sheekha Gupta June 26, 2019 9:45 am Reply
    • Hello

      Good Afternoon Sheekha Gupta

      How you set up a merchant account will entirely depend on if you are accepting payments online (for ECommerce transactions), in-store (for point-of-sale transactions), or a combination of the two.

      You will need a merchant account if you would like to accept/manage online payments. Some payment gateway providers will provide you with a merchant account, so you don’t have to deal with the hassles of managing one on your own. And even better yet, some services will provide you with one merchant account that can accept payments internationally.

      If facing any difficulties according to International Payment Gateway contact us.

      Email Id:

      esecurepay June 26, 2019 9:50 am Reply
  • What are the best payment gateway in india which provide international transaction facility?

    kalpesh June 26, 2019 9:51 am Reply
    • Hello

      Good Afternoon kalpesh.

      Citrus Pay brings with it the most advanced payment stack for developers and start-ups. The merchants can start accepting payments seamlessly on their website without redirections, natively integrate payments in-App using Citrus payment SDKs, simplify payments for marketplace seller payouts and much more.

      It is known for introducing industry first payment solutions such as 1-click checkout, wallet for cabs, consumer analytics, native mobile app payments etc. Citrus powers payments for PVR, INOX, BookMyShow, ShopClues, Jet Airways, Indigo, GoAir, TinyOwl, Faasos, Grofers, ZoomCar, Airtel and many more leading players across industries and supports international payments in USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, HKD and many more. International PG is subject to internal risk and bank approvals.
      If facing any difficulties according to Online Best International Payment Gateway Providers UAE-United Arab Emirates-DUBAI contact us.

      Email Id:

      esecurepay June 26, 2019 9:56 am Reply

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