Online Payment Gateway Providers

Collecting payments with Online Payment Gateway Providers can be faster and easy with us. But first of all, you should have Online Merchant Account to get Payment Gateway to collect payments from your customers.

We are an All-in-one Online Payment Gateway Partners

Esecurepay Accepts businesses of all sizes, from small to large enterprises. You can accept online payments to help increase business opportunities and revenue growth. From Hosted Fields or Secured Payment Pages to our Drop-in UI, Esecurepay Payment Gateway Providers can offer the tools to give your customers a seamless experience. So, our sophisticated fraud detection tools can help you to find fraud transactions and manage risk and fight current and next-gen fraudsters.

Esecurepay offers Payment Gateway Providers Technology to receive funds:

Virtual Terminal Providers

Virtual Terminal Providers

We are the best online Payment Gateway Providers to provide ease of Payment Options Comparing to others. We can offer Virtual Terminal to accept Payments over the Telephone. Our Mail Order/Telephone order can give you faster Transaction status. With our MOTO, you can Capture, Authorize, Void, Refund transaction by login to our Dashboard. Hence, Start taking payment over the Telephone.

Electronic Checks

Online Payment Gateway Providers

Esecurepay is High-level Electronic checks Payment gateway Providers. Merchant Account holders can approach us for echeck/check21 payment gateway or ACH payment gateway. We can also offer you Echeck Virtual Terminal to accept online echeck to collect payment by Telephone. Once you log in to our dashboard, you need to collect banking and billing address details from your customers. Your Merchant Acquiring will process echeck to collect funds.

Recurring Billing

Online Payment Gateway Providers

Do you have Subscription-based business to accept funds Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly? You can also choose the term to collect payments from each customer. Once you log in to our online payment gateway providers Dashboard you can easily add your Business plans. Then you can select which customer should charge as per plan. Our Recurring billing payment gateway can reduce your work stress to collect payments.

Customer Vault

Online Payment Gateway Providers

You can believe us, We are the best Payment Gateway Providers. Another great Technology in our Payment Gateway is Customer Vault. You can add Customer and Billing information in the vault.

Invoice Payments/Pay by Link

collect invoice payments pay by link

Send an Invoice from our Online Payment Gateway Providers Dashboard. Also, the customer will get an email to pay by link. The customer should enter his card details and pay for products. You can also send Pre and Post Pay links as per billing dates to customize your Invoice.

We can provide most shopping cart Integration Kits for faster integration. Also, you can create customized API keys to accept payments. We provide libraries to connect with our payment gateway platform. As well as plugins for key e-commerce platforms such as Woocommerce, Magento.

Let’s Get You Paid Faster. Try With EsecurePay.