Best Virtual Terminal Providers In UK

Best Virtual Terminal Providers UK

 What Is a Virtual Terminal?

A virtual terminal is an online portal that allows a merchant to take card payments by manually entering the card details into the portal. Similarly, Virtual terminals are used by businesses that accept orders by mail order, phone or fax. This type of transaction is referred to as MOTO (mail order telephone order), as opposed to face-to-face and online transactions. is one the Best Virtual Terminal Providers UK


Advantages of Using a Virtual Terminal

You don’t have the responsibility of storing your customers’ card details, and also which takes the burden of PCI compliance out of your hands.

Likewise, it’s a good option if you only take card payments over the phone or by mail on an ad-hoc basis.

It’s normally quick and easy to set up and comes as a free option when you sign up for a payment gateway for your online card transactions.


Virtual Terminal Credit Card Processing UK

If you already have an Internet merchant account, your computer’s web browser, an Internet connection, and also a USB credit card swipe reader can help you with:

Processing swiped retail credit card transactions

Manually entering MOTO credit card transactions, which stands for mail order/telephone order

Manually entering ACH transactions using a Standard Entry Class Code likewise PPD, CCD, WEB or TEL

Receiving authorizations responses

Generating receipts

Issuing refunds to a customer’s credit card or ACH account

Capturing previously authorized transactions

Storing credit card or ACH payment information in a customer wallet for future billing

Establishing automatic customer billing for recurring charges

Accepting credit cards virtually anywhere

Best Virtual Terminal Providers UK

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